Alibaba Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) is the umbrella organization responsible for developing unique talent programs for various levels within Alibaba Group, dedicated to nurturing the global skills and mindset required for international growth.

The AGTD program is under AGLA and is the latest program aimed at developing global talents in Alibaba.

Through 2 years within Alibaba's core business units at the headquarters in Hangzhou, combined with classroom and experiential learnings, AGTD members will gain in-depth business knowledge and cultural experience at Alibaba. We expect AGTD graduates to take critical roles in the businesses which are highly impactful in Alibaba's globalization journey.

We welcome talents with professional backgrounds in industries including:

• Cross-border e-commerce

• Big data and cloud computing

• Fin-tech and online payments

• International logistics

We also ask all applicants to have:

• At least 3-5 years working experience

• Fluency in English and Mandarin (HSK-4 equivalent and above)

Application process:

(1) Click "Select Role & Apply" to find a position in the program that matches your background & skills;

(2) Complete the online application form;

(3) Our team will review your application and get back to you in due course.


• Application start date: Dec. 2019

 (Limited Positions. First Come, First Served.)

• Program start date: May. 2020

Successful Candidate EXPECTATIONS

To make sure you can be successful in Alibaba, we expect you to be:


...toward differences in culture, perspective, and ways of doing business.


...Alibaba is a pioneer across many industries. As such, uncertainty is the norm.

HUMBLE we navigate complex situations all the time at Alibaba. No one is perfect.


...because helping others to succeed is helping ourselves.


...and strong enough to overcome any type of difficulty.

A Transformational Experience

Alibaba and Globalization

Gain first-hand experience and a comprehensive view of Alibaba's businesses. AGTD provides you with opportunities to learn directly from our management team. You will become part of our globalization journey and help build bridges between China and the rest of the world.

Impacting Society

Do good for both the local and global communities by participating in volunteer activities, engaging with rural business partners, and helping Alibaba empower individuals and businesses around the world to fulfil our company mission of making it easy to do business anywhere.

Culture Immersion

Experience Alibaba's unique culture through the eyes of a local. Participants are assigned a “work buddy” and a “life buddy” to help develop a deep understanding of company philosophy, and adapt to life in Hangzhou.


Experience the cutting-edge of internet technology, working closely with the most innovative pioneers of the new digital economy. In a customized speaker series, Alibaba leaders will provide insight and analysis that are only available with AGTD.

Accelerated Growth

Through 2 years within Alibaba's core business units at the headquarters in Hangzhou, you will be expected to learn and grow fast. AGTD graduates are crucial to Alibaba's globalization strategy, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to thrive with Alibaba.


AGLA - A Day in the Life

Take a tour with several of our previous AGLA program participants and see what a typical day in Alibaba looks like.

Hangzhou, China


Alibaba Global Talent Development (AGTD) Program